On August 13, 2017, 3-6pm, we will be giving away 400 BACKPACKS filled with SCHOOL SUPPLIES to children from our community!

130 VOUCHERS will be given away during our 9am and 12pm series ONLY on Aug 13th.  EVERYONE with a VOUCHER will go to the

front of the line at 3pm on that day.  Along with the give-aways, we will be proving eye exams, haircuts and nail painting

on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Services will be provided only during the hours of 3pm-6pm.

  WE are accepting donations for items (please see the full list below) and are also looking for

Volunteers to serve our community on that day!    If you would like to volunteer, please click here for a Volunteer Form.

Also click the picture below for a link to our Facebook Pack-the-Pack Event Page.  

Items to Give Away!

  1. 1 Backpack
  2. 2 Boxes of Crayons
  3. 4 Gluesticks
  4. 1 Pair of Scissors
  5. 12pk Pencils
  6. 1 Roll Paper Towel
  7. 1 Glue Bottle
  8. 1 Spiral Notebook
  9. 1 Box Kleenex

We will be collecting the following items on the months leading up to the event.  Please drop off the items at Real Life Community Church.

  • May: Crayons, Glue Bottles, Pencils
  • June: Glue Sticks, Paper Towels, Scissors
  • July: Kleenex, Spiral Notebooks