Spring SMALL GROUPS 2020

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    Monday nights at 6:30 pm

    Family Friendly

    Connect with:

    Pastor Aimee Sanchez

  • T.H.o.r.n.s - vicente frausto

    Real Life Community Church, NB

    Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm

    Men, all ages

    Connect with:

    Vicente Frausto

    2 Corinthians 12:6-10

  • prime timers potluck - Clay and Louise Hanna

    Real Life Community Church, NB

    Thursdays at 11:30am-12:30pm

    50 and up (but everyone is welcome)

    Connect with:

    Clay and Louise Hanna

    Potluck lunch at RLCC.  Small group meetings are held at a local restaurant on the first Thursday of the month. 

  • young Adults  - Stephen and HEIDI Flora

    New Braunfels

    Thursday nights at 6:30 pm

    Young Adults, ages 18-30

    Connect with:

    Stephen Flora

    Heidi Flora

  • Mahaffey Small Group - Sean and toree Mahaffey

    Cloud Country, NB

    Thursday nights at 5:30 pm

    Kid Friendly

    Connect with:

    Sean Mahaffey

    Family Friendly Fellowship

  • Team Fire 2.0 - Tony and araceli landin

    Brentwood, NB

    Friday nights at 7:00 pm

    25 and up, kid friendly

    Connect with:

    Tony - 830-387-6851

    Araceli - 830-743-5639

  • Small Group ohana - Mike and Joann Beltran

    Voss Farms, NB

    Monday nights at 6:30 pm

    Family Friendly

    Connect with:

    Beltran Ohana

  • hope and Healing - michelle quezada

    Morningside, NB


    Connect with:

    Michelle Quezada

    This study offers a confidential and safe place to heal from past choices that we regret.  For women who hurt from having an abortion, from fear and pain to forgiveness, restoration and freedom.